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Solutions for every nonprofit

Cause Trinity™ Consulting
For nonprofits that are in start-up mode, involved in a merger, or simply find themselves in need of a strategic overhaul, Riggs Partners offers best-in-class team consulting. We call on colleagues who are recognized nationally for specific expertise in governance policy, board and staff training, and fundraising to work arm-in-arm with us to fully align three mission-critical drivers: strategic plan, marketing plan, and development plan.

Brand Strategy Development
Our nonprofit branding process begins with a fee-based initial discovery session, during which we work with you to identify primary objectives of a branding initiative for your organization. We then outline the appropriate development model for your brand, based on your organization’s objectives and level of investment. Assignments range from one-day sessions to comprehensive brand team initiatives. We offer both fee and retainer-based options.

Marketing Programs
Cross-channel marketing programs — not advertising campaigns — are the new norm. We excel in developing customized, master engagement strategies that are rooted in a well-defined brand position, and we direct the execution of those strategies through a full line of online and offline channels.

Project Solutions
For organizations that may have challenging budget situations, we call on our vast experience in delivering project solutions for nonprofits of every size and social mission. Opportunities may include franchised creative, template-based projects, workshops and more. There’s no budget or cause too small.


Get Started

We bet you’ve got something on your mind: a marketing challenge that’s been keeping you up at night, a fundraising issue, a brand identity crisis. Goodness knows there are more than a few challenges for nonprofits these days.
You’ll be amazed at what can happen when you team up with people who are all about channeling marketing prowess for social good. To learn more about how we can help you excel, drop us a line.