CreateAthon delivers for nonprofits again.

On Thursday, September 20, a group of workers gathered in West Columbia. They began when most workdays do, but they didn’t stop when most others called it a day. They worked all day and all night for nine nonprofits — one as far away as Michigan.

The WECO was again home base for the 15th annual CreateAthon, an epic 24-hour probono event imagined by two women in 1997 – one that’s spawned a national network of generosity. The late-night brainstorm of Cathy Monetti and Teresa Coles is now a national corporate social responsibility vehicle. This year, 25 companies, colleges and universities, and creative collectives adopted the model throughout the year – many during National CreateAthon Week, September 17-21, 2012.

What did 41 inspired professional volunteers accomplish in just 24 hours? This:

  • 11 : collateral pieces (soup-to-nuts)
  • 5 : social media strategies with supporting graphics
  • 5 : Powerpoint presentations
  • 4 : logo designs (from scratch)
  • 4 : website (IA, design and content)
  • 4 : full letterhead/ID packages
  • 3 : brand strategies
  • 2 : logo refreshes
  • 2 : fundraising theme ideas
  • 2 : outdoor campaigns
  • 2 : sticker designs
  • 2 : brand standards handbooks
  • 1 : brand re-naming
  • 1 : marketing strategy
  • 1 : campaign creative concept
  • 1 : website content refresh
  • 1 : fully-written website
  • 1 : video (on-the-fly)
  • 1: brand jewelry design

Don’t mistake the real value of CreateAthon. It isn’t quantity. It’s the joy we bring to over worked, underpaid nonprofit staffers. It’s the hope we bring to a group that wants to raise money but doesn’t know where to begin. It’s the services we bring to life – programs that shelter pets, help children grow, protect the rights of individuals with disablities, help families in crisis and so much more.

CreateAthon is a buffet of brilliance for people who get by with what they have year after year so others need not go without.

We’re not here to create a truckload of marketing stuff the world doesn’t really need. The heart of CreateAthon is our nation’s nonprofits. Their hard work is what our world cannot afford to be without.

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