Spotting the Social Entrepreneur

We’ve got to change the system.

We’ve got to address the root cause.

We’ve got to start doing things differently.

How many times have you heard it? Be it a nonprofit board meeting, a business gathering or a legislative assemblage, everyone’s talking about social change — real, quantifiable, exponential change. Meanwhile, lots of good people in nonprofit organizations work to provide relief and assistance to people who are caught in spirals of poverty, malnutrition, abuse and countless other forms of personal grief. Their work is grounded in social good, and there will always be a need for it.

But what of social change?

Enter social entrepreneurs. Highly creative, energetic and focused people who have a passion for stripping away symptomatic layers, assessing and articulating the truth behind an issue, and leading others to work together toward transformational change.

You may have met a social entrepreneur if you’ve met someone who:

  • Hungers relentlessly for the betterment of the world condition
  • Understands that no one nonprofit or group of people can solve the problem
  • Has the creative chops to develop a big social idea and build scale around it
  • Can bring public, private and nonprofit sector resources to bear
  • Has the ability to recruit and mobilize local change makers
  • Is disciplined enough to align strategy, financial management and pr/marketing
  • Embraces the use of fiscal metrics and performance benchmarks
  • Uses these social ROI standards as the basis for fundraising and development

These are the kind of people — those who think far and wide and without regard to personal or political agenda — who can bring about the change our world so desperately needs. Look for them. Aspire to be one of them. Most of all, believe.

 For more good stuff on social entrepreneurship, spend some time at Ashoka, then check out ForbesImpact 30 list of social entrepreneurs






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