Ethics, Gratitude and Crowson Stone Printing

A lot of water has passed under the proverbial bridge since I first opened the doors of the company now called Riggs Partners. I couldn’t begin to count the relationships that have come and gone in those 25 years: clients, consultants, employees, vendors. But there have been two constants since that very first C.C.Rigg’s day in 1987. Me. And Crowson Stone Printing.

The partnership between an ad agency and a printing company is a significant one. The Riggs/Crowson relationship is built on a foundation of deep trust and mutual respect; in all these years, neither has ever had to look over the other’s shoulder to inspect for quality, ethics, intention. Never.

In 1998, our company founded a little pro bono initiative called CreateAthon. In one phone call, Crowson quickly agreed to become a part of our “printers confederacy,” providing free printing for a number of CreateAthon nonprofits. In 2001, they stepped up with an offer to print it all.

Since then, Crowson Stone has provided free printing for more than 75 CreateAthon clients, with a market value that surely tops the $1,000,000 mark. (We don’t know the exact amount since Crowson doesn’t keep score.) And that number doesn’t take into account the countless projects they produce outside the scope of CreateAthon, either pro bono or at a nonprofit rate. It doesn’t take much of a leap of faith to suggest Crowson is among the most philanthropic companies in their industry. Certainly they are in South Carolina.

The past few years have not been easy for those in the printing business, and Crowson Stone is no exception. In spite of visionary leadership and significant (early) investment in digital, challenge after challenge piled at their door. Still they remained committed to their customers, refusing to compromise on quality, integrity, ethics. Under the leadership of John deLoach, a man among men, they continued to serve their clients with honor.

Like so many who love Crowson Stone, I was beyond happy to learn INDEXX Printing from Greenville, South Carolina, is stepping in with support. I believe this is a good business move for INDEXX, yes. But I also believe  that when they looked at Crowson, INDEXX saw a company with a soul worthy of saving.

Thank you, Crowson Stone, for all you have meant to me, to Riggs Partners, to the Midlands of South Carolina, and to the nonprofits you have served. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

And we extend a warm welcome to INDEXX Printing. You have not only demonstrated great business acumen in your partnership with Crowson Stone, you have already served this community well.

the early days at 819 Main Street

Our friend Dick Terry (with Catherine Traywick). For many years, he was the face of Crowson Stone to Riggs.

Hot Off the Press CreateAthon Party at Crowson Stone

Still doing good: John deLoach (l) and John Stiles (r) of CS; Dean Schuster (aka the deanguin) of truematter

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2 Responses to “Ethics, Gratitude and Crowson Stone Printing”

  1. David
    Posted on February 9, 2012 | Permalink

    Cathy, your words are a fitting tribute to a deserving company. I hope the Crowson name and legacy remains for many years to come, as they have represented a commitment to excellence for many decades in Columbia.

    It was interesting to read the conclusion to your first paragraph… a good reminder that the relationships we forge have the potential for real significance and timelessness. But as you attest, not all relationships DO achieve that level – all the more reason to work hard within each opportunity we undertake.


    As a former Crowson employee, I can tell you CreateAthon was always a favorite project, creating a lot of energy and buzz in the world of non-profits, and bringing a lot of excitement to those of us in the plant as well.

    Continued good wishes to Riggs for a productive and extended relationship Crowson and Indexx in the years to come.

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