Goodwill for Goodwill. And There’s a Prize!

from chair spindles to gorgeous tree ornaments

We couldn’t be happier about this one if we tried. Working with Goodwill Industries of the Upstate/Midlands SC is a dream assignment—powerful mission, great people, interesting projects.

A wonderful bonus of the work we’ve done for Goodwill is the friendships we’ve developed along the way. Good Life blogger Kendra Ardis, for instance.

We first met Kendra when she responded to our Craig’s List ad looking for The Perfect Person to help us develop and launch our first lifestyle blog, The Good Life. The blog centers around the definition of thrift we love the most, from Wikipedia:

the recycling of formerly-owned items, finding new use and new love for vintage material goods which had been thrown out, and the thrill of imagining what the former life of the item was like

A thrifter from way back, Kendra is the Perfect Person to write The Good Life.

wouldn't these look swell on your tree?

As a bonus, Kendra and The Good Life brought to us another artist who takes thrift to a new level, Barb Blair of Knack Studios. In a guest post on The Good Life, Barb transforms these old chair spindles into the most incredible Christmas Tree ornaments around. What’s more, she’s allowing The Good Life to give them away a set of 12 in a contest on the blog’s Facebook page as a way to bring more people who love the art of thrift to the blog.

(To enter to win these ornaments, just click on this link. Deadline is midnight tonight.

Maybe it’s just the traditional feeling of goodwill (pardon me) the holiday season brings, but we’re feeling grateful for so many things that came to Riggs Partners wrapped in the Year 2011—not the least of which is a wonderful new client and all the relationships therewith. We are truly grateful.

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