Design Finds: Poler Stuff

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I was first introduced to Poler Camping Stuff through a design blog last year and I’ve had the camping itch (no, not chiggers) ever since. By that, I mean their branding makes me want to quit a job that I love to go live in the woods with friends forever. If you read my last Design Finds post on Best Made axes, you are probably aware of my affinity for the Great Outdoors and cheesy camping puns (see: pining over lumberjack paraphernalia) and are perhaps somewhat weary of such nonsensical outdoorsy quips. Well have no fear noble reader, for I’m fairly certain that I’ve exhausted all possible iterations of such tawdry wilderness lingo and can assure you that this post will not be nearly as campy as the last — well, starting now.

Poler is a company started in Portland by a bunch of skate/snow/surf boarding creatives who all share a passion for adventure and the Great Outdoors. They sell various camping equipment as well as branded apparel. Their logo is set in a wooly hand-drawn font and is often accompanied by a one-eyed monster/tree. I am currently the proud owner of their Two Man Tent — as opposed to just The Man Tent — as well as their beautiful canvas Rucksack (both pictured above). The Poler crew knows that details matter. The tent is the perfect size and shape for two people and has two entrances as well as a monster-eye-shaped window on the rain fly. The Rucksack has optional side bags for additional storage space, leather embellishments along the front and zippers and even a slot for your laptop — for when you’re NOT camping of course.

Poler’s branding shows the benefits of having creative people on your team. Talented designers like Caleb Owen Everitt and Aaron Draplin have helped keep the brand consistent and consistently awesome. Each item comes well-branded with their logo, or some variation of it, and is typically either black, orange, or camo. Every few weeks they release an Adventure Series — a photographic memoir of various trips and expeditions taken by one of their many talented photographers. The photographs, beautiful in an analogue/retro/1970′s kind of way, serve not only as a catalog displaying Poler Stuff in use, but also as a harbinger of their brand essence: adventure.

shot by Ben Christensen

Shot by Benji Wagner

shot by Alana Paterson

Now get off your computer, go outside and stare at a tree.

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