The past few days have offered nonstop prognosticating and political posturing around healthcare reform. It’s worse that the banter that lead up to the Supreme Court’s actual decision. (Then, I thought, the discussion might finally end.) What makes it frustrating is that amidst the roar, I believe we’ve all become more confused.

The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare as some call it, is a classic example of more communication failing to result in better understanding or more engagement. “It’s complicated,” they say. Or, “the explanation is confusing.” Well, when consumers are confused, they simply tune you out. That’s what I’ve done — stopped listening.

Many of us see our marketing problems as complex. So I’d like to offer this: if your problem is complex, the solution isn’t.

The best products are the simplest. The best food often has the fewest ingredients. The best communications are likewise pared down. Here’s my advice for today. The next time you examine your business plan, marketing strategy, home page content or anything else; simplify. I promise your customers will have a very simple response: thank you.

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