Think, Feel, Do More

The old mindset of marketing was to be where your customers are. There was limited opportunity (or interest, for that matter) in actual engagement. But what about being in the right place and at a time when consumers are more inclined to receive a message? I got a powerful lesson about the potential of capturing attention in the perfect moment the other night watching TV.

We don’t watch very much TV. It’s not a philosophical mission, just a by-product of having two young kids and jobs that require brainpower. So that means our usual fare is a mix of food show reruns or DVR’d late night shows we slept through. But earlier this week I watched something new in real time: Secret Millionaire.

Secret Millionaire

This show documents self-made millionaires as they anonymously spend a week among the poor and at-risk of a U.S. community. In the end, the millionaire reveals him or herself as they reward community heroes and groups with contributions to their efforts.

As a nonprofit fan and eternal optimist, I tuned in. Plus, I had laundry that wasn’t going to fold itself. By the end of the show, I was crying alongside the millionairess of the week. Watching her generosity and the sheer gratitude of the people and organizations she helped was very touching.

What I saw next sent my marketing brain into overdrive.

There, at the end of the show in the last commercial block was an ad for a national nonprofit. Talk about smart. They were not just there when people were watching; they were there when viewers likely felt an extra surge of generosity.

Holy. Smokes.

Their message unfolded in a very powerful moment, when people were inspired and motivated. That’s great placement, squared.

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