Using an annual report to fortify your brand position

First let me say: Let’s hear it for organizations who continue to believe in the power of the thoughtful annual report. In the wake of annihilated budgets, so few companies commit the dollars to produce them anymore. But I believe there is great value in the process of taking stock of the year that has passed. Where were the successes?  The surprises? What are the lessons learned?

We are fortunate to produce several annual reports at RP, including this one (just completed) for the Central Carolina Community Foundation. We thank Tonia Cochran of CCCF and our friends at R.L. Bryan for a wonderful collaborative experience. We are particularly pleased that  JoAnn Turnquist, CEO of the foundation, is using the theme “Community Building / Building Community” in her many presentations to community partners and donors.

We believe an annual report is a great opportunity to look back, learn and celebrate. It is also an opportunity to fortify a brand position — an investment smart companies and nonprofits are continuing to make, even in this challenging economy.

The illustration is actually a removable belly band

The reveal

original illustration by Maria Fabrizio Powelson

Community building through engagement

Connecting people who want to make a difference with real community need

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2 Responses to “Using an annual report to fortify your brand position”

  1. Tony Lauher
    Posted on February 24, 2011 | Permalink

    Very nice. A big ole feather in the collective RP hat. Tell Ryon “I likes, I likes.”

  2. Posted on February 25, 2011 | Permalink

    Pretty! Love the illustrations! An annual report people will want to read – Congrats!