On 25 years ago.

In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, we ask:

It’s Fall 1987 again. Where you hanging out this weekend?

Cathy Monetti

Kevin Smith
I’ll probably go to the Spartan High game Friday night. My friend Russell is having people over to his basement Saturday night. Beer and Pictionary, again.

Tim Burke
Gauley River, West Virginia

Maria Fabrizio
I’m wearing a pumpkin costume and a diaper, going door to door with my parents asking strangers for candy. ‘Cause I’m 2.

Julie Turner
At Spring Valley High School a lot (at a football game, writing for the next issue¬† of the Viking Shield newspaper and working on upcoming student activities), working at the Peddler’s Porch gift shop, and hanging out at The Pond after dark. Will probably also visit Columbia Mall to get some new black stirrup pants or a Camp Beverly Hills sweatshirt.

Kevin Archie
Somewhere in a crib in Jackson, Mississippi with all my stuffed animal homies.

Ryon Edwards
In college at USC — if there was a home game, I was there.

Will Weatherly
In my crib. (The baby kind. Not MTV.)

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One Response to “On 25 years ago.”

  1. Cathy Monetti Cathy Monetti
    Posted on October 26, 2012 | Permalink

    This should make me smile. But it kind of horrifies me. How is it that I think I am the same age as everyone who works with me?