On school supplies.

What was your favorite school supply item you got (or mom refused to buy) during back to school shopping?

Cathy Monetti
I love a brand spankin’ new notebook. Still buy at least one every August (and many throughout the year).

Julie Turner
In middle school I wanted canvas Nikes with the blue swoosh. I had to make do with some KangaRoos. Maybe I’ll get a new pair so I have somewhere to keep my sparkly pet rock!

Maria Fabrizio

Sanrio pencil case featuring Keroppi. I was a very popular pencil trader on the school bus and my loving mother got me this very case so that each of my pencils had a place to live.

Kevin Archie
I loved me some Yikes! pencils – “They write like other pencils but they make you go Yikes!”

Will Weatherly
Trapper Keeper

Kevin Smith
Early years – the just released EraserMate pen
Later years – Three ring binders with a clear pocket cover (where I put my favorite BMW print ads)

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