On spring break.

It’s spring break for some students this week — what would you do if you had the week off?

Jody Piland

I would be relaxing on a cruise in the Caribbean.

Cathy Monetti
lie on a beach. any beach.

Julie Turner
I would plan to do nothing at all and then within two hours have a long list of projects to do.

Kevin Archie
I would go out into some woods with some friends and watch the sun rise and swim in a river and cook food over a fire and percolate hot black coffee and not check email or Facebook or Twitter but read a book and follow a trail and stare at the sky until the sun turned into the moon.

Teresa Coles
I would be parked at Edisto with everyone else in Lexington County who’s there, including my daughter!

Will Weatherly
Sleep late (9am), then go play outside (rollerblade, mountain bike, tennis, soccer).

 What would you do?

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