Set It and Forget It

Infomercials, if only seen in small bits and parts are incredibly memorable. Ron Popeil used the slogan “set it and forget it” in his infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie Oven more than 20 years ago. The phrase still renders first in a Google search today.

It’s been a week of marketing planning for several business-to-business clients, and I’m reminded just how organic marketing planning has become. It wasn’t long ago that most plans followed a “set it and forget it” model. Not that we didn’t care or follow up, but relative to now, things moved slowly, and plans stayed fairly set.

Inbound marketing has quantified traffic, trial and conversion. In doing so, it has marketers in a permanent “wait and see” mentality. This needn’t be paralyzing, but do consider the following:

  1. Realize up-front that some tactics will deliver and others won’t. So budget with a depth of execution in mind.
  2. Understand not everything is instant. Don’t be satisfied with a click through rate of 1.5 percent for three months, but do allow time for repetition to let a program build.
  3. Remember that communication has never been more instant, and the shelf life of what you put out there is brief. Just put it out there.

I now believe that best practices adjust every 90 days. So a perfect program will likely elude all of us. We’ve just got to get better, and faster, at constant course correction. After all, even Ronco’s rotisserie oven eventually came in three sizes.

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