The Wonderful World of WECO

What's your favorite WECO business?

For the past two weeks we at Riggs have done a lot of talking about WECO. It’s more than the building. It’s West Columbia. And while most people’s attention may be focused on what’s happening on the other side of the river, we think we’ve got a pretty hip thing going on in our little neighborhood. So I asked my co-workers, “What’s your favorite WECO business?”

Catherine Doyle
Sun Spirit Yoga and Wellness
.  It’s an awesome yoga studio, where I’ve been getting my teacher training and Tzima (the owner) is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.  Plus she makes lots of cool jewelry, soaps, lotions, oils, tea blends, etc., so there’s always something new to check out.

Kevin Archie
One of my favorite WECO businesses is True BBQ — “Home of the Pretty Lady AND Sexy Lady sauce!”

True BBQ, located at 1237 D Avenue, West Columbia

Will Weatherly
Paul’s Barber Shop
. The Aroma. Paul. The Pool Table. The Aroma.

Jenni Brennison (me!)
116 State
. It’s a great place to grab an espresso or a glass of wine while sharing small plates with friends.

Ryon Edwards
My favorite would have to be Old Mill Antique Mall, because you just never know what you’ll find in that place.
Runner Up:
Jimmy’s Citgo, because it’s the closest place to get cigs, lottery tickets, energy drinks, beer, gas, breakfast and/or just about anything else you’d ever need.

Nate Puza
New Brookland Tavern. You will see your favorite bands before they are famous, the drinks are cheap, and they have an old-school Mortal Kombat arcade game. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Cathy Monetti
BUG Outfitters. ‘Cause I like to play outside.

Julie Turner
The Original D’s Wings. It has the authentic character chains try to reproduce using interior design. And then there was that one time Billy made me chicken wings wrapped in bacon.

Kevin Smith
It’s not a business, but we have the best view from the Gervais Street Bridge.

You can't see this view from downtown Columbia.


On local businesses.

What is your favorite locally owned business?

(in honor of the Free Times Best of Columbia contest)

Will Weatherly
Moe’s on Main Street has THE BEST BURRITO & BANG FOR THE BUCK! (Also, British Bulldog Pub is the best place to catch a soccer match!)

Maria Fabrizio
There are so many but my love for Mai Thai is pretty endless.

Kevin Archie
I love the Whig

Julie Turner
The All-Local Farmers’ Market is full of small, local businesses I feel good about supporting.

Kevin Smith
Moe’s on Beltline

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