On dream concerts.

What would your dream concert be?

Kevin Smith
Crowded House
- Venue: Outdoor park
- Weather: 70 degrees and sunny
- Me: With friends, under a shade tree, picnic blanket, wine

Julie Turner
An acoustic Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett show in a field on a Texas cattle ranch.

Kevin Archie
1. Sufjan Stevens at the Palmetto Compress Warehouse (after I have it converted to a restaurant/bar/music venue).
2. Fleet Foxes around a campfire in a wooded clearing next to a creek at dusk.
3. This.

Will Weatherly
Whiskeytown, Allman Brothers, Stevie Nicks, Rouge Wave…this is impossible. I’m waking up now, thank you.

Ryon Edwards
Simon & Garfunkel with First Aid Kit and a surprise visit by the Clash and David Bowie. Whoaa!

Cathy Monetti
Festival. Outside.
I wouldn’t survive it, but here goes:

Shawn Colvin (open)
Jeffery Foucault (set 2)
Emmylou Harris (set 3)
Patti Griffin (set 4)
Bonnie Raitt (set 5)
Sheryl Crow (set 6)
Sting (set 7)

+various and sundry combos of the above, as they come and go.

On summer songs

What song says summer to you?

Cathy Monetti
Grapefruit — Juicy Fruit by Jimmy Buffett

Kevin Archie
Summer 2012 = Gold Canary by Cloud Control
Any given summer = Naive Melody by Talking Heads

Maria Fabrizio
Boys of Summer by Don Henley

Julie Turner
Every drop of 5150 

Kevin Smith
Too Hot by Kool and the Gang

Will Weatherly
Hey Man! Is That a Ninja Up There? by Minus the Bear

Ryon Edwards
Saturday Nite by Blitzen Trapper. Fun, funky, pop-ish in a good way.

On theme songs.

What’s the theme song to your life?

Kevin Smith

Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” which just finished playing on Radio Paradise – wow

Julie Turner
Also Sprach Zarathustra

Ryon Edwards
“no time” by the guess who

Kevin Archie
“Either Way” by Wilco

Cathy Monetti
Unworthy, by Cheryl Wheeler

Jody Courtney
A theme song isn’t enough, I’d need a whole soundtrack.


Spotify: A Reason for Hope in the World

Between 24-hour news cycles and the sorry economy and the terrifying and distasteful catfight over the debt ceiling, it’s no wonder many people are feeling a bit downtrodden. I’ve been thinking a bit about that lately and want to offer this different perspective:

I find something new to be excited about every single day.

Today it’s spotify.com, an on demand digital music service with more than 15 million tracks you can play instantly on your computer, your cell phone or your home audio system—for free. The service is supported by all the major labels, so there are not many content gaps. You can build your own playlists, see what your friends are listening to, and maintain your account via cloud so it can travel with you.

How extraordinary is it that we live in world in which a music library of 15 million tracks is available at the click of a button, wherever you are?

It’s the same in this business. In the old days (last year?), our work was all about interruption. But today, the toolbox is filled with countless options for actually creating connection.

Think about that for a moment. Whether you are a nonprofit or a marketer or a business owner looking at this from the side of brand, or an individual looking at it from the side of the consumer (and we’re all both at one time or another, aren’t we?), connection is a wonderful goal with a consequential outcome. Connection offers a meaningful exchange—and getting a bit dramatic, but still— isn’t connection the point of life?

I’m excited, everyday, to find new ways to connect brands and causes to the people who will embrace them, to those whose lives will be enhanced because of the connection. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things about our world right now.