On the 2012 Olympics.

Which Olympic event will you be watching this year?

Kevin Smith

Table Tennis. Just learned that it is the biggest participation sport in the world. So it must be worth checking out.

Julie Turner
All of them and staying up far too late in the process.

Cathy Monetti
Women’s 10-Meter Platform Diving
Brittany Viola !!!
Her coach is my friend Randy Ableman, former Diving Coach at USC / now at the University of Miami.
On August 8th and 9th!

Kevin Archie
Despite the opening ceremonies being a little strange — men in mutton chops and top hats synchronously dancing some modernized version of the Macarena to the sound of techno house music — I’ve been watching a little bit of everything.

Ryon Edwards
Most excited about mountain biking (August 11 & 12)

Will Weatherly
Those airing when I’m at the TV.

Teresa Coles
Gymnastics with the Fab Five!

On workspaces.

What does your workspace look like right now?

Will Weatherly

8am – CLEAN /// 2pm – WRECKED /// 5:32pm — CLEAN
(rinse and repeat)

Julie Turner
A cornucopia of notes, charts, layouts and piles of work protected by multiple Tick action figures.

Ryon Edwards
Well, it’s only Tuesday, but mine looks like complete chaos right now. Paper everywhere. Job jackets all over. Sketches and books and magazines and samples on every flat surface. It’s about at the breaking point. Will clean up by Friday so I can start over next week.

Kevin Smith
Fairly tidy. The following are on my desk:

  • Tell Them legislative post card job jacket
  • Goodwill case study
  • Diet coke
  • Glasses (I should have them on)
  • Business card from a vendor I need to call

Kevin Archie
In order of appearance: T-shirt design, Pantone chips, woven strips of paper, books, thrift store mug of pens with German type on it, telephone, water, onscreen: client brochure in progress and photo from my Yashica T4, cool yet uncomfortable headphones, lamp, logo studies, neglected job jackets, Eames chair. (Not pictured: piles of clutter and trash that would have made me look more unorganized).